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Types of Land Surveying & the Tools Used By Land Surveyors

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Whether you’re a professional involved in the real estate industry or an individual looking to invest in land, understanding the different types of land surveys and the tools used for each is essential.

In this blog, we’ll explore the key types of surveys and the equipment utilized by Alberta Land Surveyors in Calgary to carry out their work.

Defining a Land Survey
At its core, land surveying involves the precise measurement and mapping of the land, sky, and sea. A qualified professional known as a land surveyor is responsible for identifying, verifying, and documenting property boundaries.

Using a combination of geometry, mathematics, and modern technology, surveyors gather data on elevations, angles, boundaries, and both natural and man-made features. Over time, the introduction of satellite technology has significantly enhanced survey accuracy.

Types of Surveys and Their Applications

Mortgage Surveys (Title Surveys):
Requested by title companies, banks, and mortgage lenders, mortgage surveys ensure there are no encroachments from neighboring properties and that zoning laws and building codes are adhered to. These surveys also identify easements and other property details.

ALTA/ACSM Surveys:
Primarily used for commercial real estate, ALTA/ACSM surveys provide comprehensive information on existing improvements, boundaries, easements, zoning classifications, waterfronts, and more. However, due to their thoroughness, these surveys are relatively expensive and time-consuming.

Boundary Surveys:
Boundary surveys involve field research and record verification to identify and confirm the corners and boundary lines of a parcel of land, in accordance with state laws. These surveys may also include easement lines and encroachments.

Construction Surveys:
Essential for construction projects, construction surveys stake out features such as roads, utilities, buildings, and walls. They provide direction for implementing improvements based on the construction plans.

Location Surveys:
Similar to boundary surveys but with more focus on interior improvements, location surveys are often required for zoning permits and loan applications.

Site Planning Surveys:
These surveys combine boundary surveys and topographic surveys and are crucial for designing commercial and industrial sites, subdivisions, playgrounds, and more. They are typically required for development permit applications.

Topographic Surveys:
Performed by professional civil engineers, topographic surveys identify and detail various features, including utilities, roads, watercourses, embankments, and contours. They are necessary for visualizing and planning construction in three dimensions.

Tools Used by Surveyors
To carry out these surveys with accuracy and efficiency, Alberta Land Surveyors in Calgary utilize various advanced tools and equipment:

Theodolites: These optical instruments measure horizontal and vertical angles, critical for accurate triangulation.

GPS Technology: Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers provide precise location data, significantly improving survey accuracy.

Laser Equipment: Lasers are used for distance measurements, leveling, and creating accurate 3D representations of the surveyed area.

Measuring Tapes: Traditional measuring tapes are still handy for certain types of surveys and measurements.

Levels: Used to determine the height of points and create level surfaces, essential for construction surveys.

Aerial Photography: For topographic surveys and large-scale mapping, aerial photography provides valuable data.

Data Processing Software: Surveyors use specialized software like AutoCAD to process and analyze survey data and create detailed plans.

Land surveying is a vital profession in the real estate, mining, and navigation industries, ensuring accurate boundary demarcation and aiding in development projects. By understanding the various types of land surveys and the tools required for each, individuals can make informed decisions when investing in land or developing properties.

Whether you need a simple boundary survey or a comprehensive ALTA/ACSM survey, engaging the expertise of Alberta land surveyors in Calgary such as Core Geomatics guarantees precision and reliability in your land-related endeavors.

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