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Understand The Seasons In Amazon For A Great Cruising Experience

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On any typical day, you can expect a mix of sunshine and rainy showers in Amazon while the nights are characterized by chilly temperatures. If there is something consistent about Amazon rainforest, that is rains. However, it is important to understand the wet and dry seasons at this region so that you get the most out of your luxury Amazon cruise in accordance with your preferences.

While we talk of wet and dry seasons in the Amazon region, it is about the percentage of rains and not the lack of rains. Even when it rains in the forest, it happens only for a part of the day. So, on a broader note, December and January are the driest months in Amazon while January and February refer to the shoulder season that will lead to the months showing up heavy rainfall.

The Wet Season in Amazon
The Ecuador sector of the Amazon basin witnesses the highest rainfall during March, April, May, and June. In the rest of the country, this period corresponds to the wet season. In the Andes region, there is a heavy rainfall during these months that spills over to the Ecuador Amazon Basin. Therefore, the Napo River swells in volume. Along with this river, its tributaries running down into Peru overflow whose contents reach the Amazon River.

The Amazon jungle witnesses rain showers on around 200 days in a year. Therefore, you will need a good rain jacket to protect yourself. During this season, Amazon cruises see you traveling on high rivers, which makes most parts of the jungles accessible. He rainfall feeds the flora and fauna all through the year and therefore the canopy and the creatures seen underneath this umbrella flourish.

The Dry Season in Amazon
There is a significant decline in rains from July through December and during this period, the average temperature in the Amazon region is noted to reach 40°C (104°F), whereas the average year round temperature here is only around 25°C (77°F). during this time, waters are seen receding and hence the animals that usually shy away from more frequented areas come out of their hides to be spotted on the edge of the water, which includes nesting birds.

Throughout the year, you can see cayman, or the Amazon crocodiles in these jungles. To spot the nocturnal animals, Amazon cruises take their guests on night canoe trips. Since the water recedes in this season, fish in the waters recede and lay their eggs. Therefore, cayman are attracted in big numbers. In the Amazon region, this is also the time when most species of animals breed. Therefore, you will have abundant chances to see pairs of birds in flight. Only the hoatzin species waits till the rains to mate.

Take away
It is said, there is no bad time to plan your luxury Amazon cruise. However, knowing what to expect during the two different seasons can help in planning the right time based on what your preferences are. So, a good understanding of the characteristics of these two seasons is essential in planning for a great Amazon cruise.

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