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Want the Best Zero Tolerance Pocket Knife? One of These Won’t Disappoint

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Zero Tolerance pocket knives are made with the highest-quality possible materials, constructed to extremely high standards of quality, and designed by some of the world’s pre-eminent knifemakers, like Dmitry Sinkevich and Ernest Emerson.

As a result, Zero Tolerance pocket knives command both a lot of respect as well as prestigious prices – but this does pricing strategy more than reflects the value offered by the brand. If you’re looking for a new Zero Tolerance pocket knife, you can’t go wrong with one of these.

Zero Tolerance 0450
The Zero Tolerance 0450, designed by Sinkevich and made in the U.S.A., was actually based on the 0454, a similar flipper with similar lines and a composite blade made of 1428CN and D2 steels.

For its part, the ZT 0450 features a manual opening flipper that rides on an ultra-smooth KVT ball-bearing system. The knife also features a frame lock and an extremely durable stonewashed titanium handle.

As for the blade, it is constructed of S35VN super steel for impressively long edge retention. It could be considered either a straight-backed knife or a drop point and features plenty of belly. It also boasts jimping along the spine as well as an attractively swedged false edge along the spine. All in all it’s a functional, handsome knife that features all-metal construction for uncustomarily hard use.

Zero Tolerance 0770CF
The ZT 0770CF is another gem from White Mountain Knives’ lineup of Zero Tolerance pocket knives. This model features attractive, strong, and lightweight carbon fiber scales – all told, the knife only weighs 3 ounces.

Like the ZT 0450, the 0770CF features an S35VN blade, but this blade features a drop point that almost bears a likeness to a modified sheepsfoot blade. It is aggressively “dropped” forward, resulting in a lot of blade stock behind the point – which results in an exceptionally strong point.

In place of the 0450’s frame lock, this knife features an inset liner lock, as well as an equally smooth action. The knife deploys in a flash and the lock engages effortlessly. It is also easy to disengage without making it a hazard.

Light, tough, and decidedly modern, the ZT 0770CF would make an excellent choice for EDC and will stand up well to hard use.

Zero Tolerance 0456
The ZT 0456 is another highlight from Zero Tolerance; like the 0770CF, it also boasts a sheepsfoot-esque blade that some might call a reverse tanto point. Call it what you will, it offers amazing strength near the point.

It features a flipper and a KVT ball-bearing mechanism that allows for lightning-fast, extremely smooth deployment of the blade via its integral assisted-opening mechanism. The blade locks via a titanium frame lock with a steel lock bar insert for remarkable reliability and strength.

The blade features a two-tone finish and is made of 20CV steel; it is very strong, highly corrosion-resistant, and offers fairly good edge retention as well. Pair that with its profile and it begs for hard use.

This also happens to be a very attractive knife, for what it’s worth. With its differential finishes and custom blue clip, backspacer, and pivot hardware, it’s made to look slick and not simply work hard.

All of these ZT knives are available currently on White Mountain Knives at, at competitive prices. That’s not to mention that White Mountain Knives offers free shipping on orders in the United States.

They also carry a ton of other ZT knives in addition to these. If you’re looking for a new Zero Tolerance pocket knife and know the model, check out their website and get in touch with their customer service team at [email protected] to see if they can help.

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