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What Are Your Options in Bike Seatpost Clamps?

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For those that take up the sport of unicycle riding, there are a lot of new things to learn, and many other factors to crunch. You need to pay close attention to tire size and width, because these features will influence speed and handling. You need to pay close attention to your inseam length, because that will influence the size of the unicycle that you can realistically ride. Then there are different types of cranks, crown styles, saddles and so much more. But what about something as seemingly innocuous as a bike seatpost clamp, or in this case, a unicycle seatpost clamp.

It might not be the most exciting feature of a bike or a unicycle, but the truth is that a bike seatpost clamp is a critical component of your ride, and one that will influence your comfort and your abilities in the saddle. One more thing – in case you were wondering, no, not all bike seatpost clamps are the same.

Generally speaking, though, they do have the same basic function. A unicycle seatpost clamp is a part that goes on top of the frame of the unicycle, through which the seatpost can be inserted down into the frame. Usually the seatpost clamp takes the form of a locking metal collar that can allow the saddle and the seatpost to be adjusted. The clamp must then be tightened in order to secure the right adjustments of the seatpost and saddle.

However, although all unicycle and bike seatpost clamps effectively provide the same utility, they vary fairly significantly in their operation. The most basic forms of seatpost clamps are bolted seatpost clamps. These seatpost clamps tighten via the aid of one or sometimes two bolts. Though they afford a secure fit and height, they are not easy to adjust without the right tools. If you ride a unicycle and utilize a seatpost clamp that tightens via bolts, it’s a good idea to carry the proper wrench with you in your pack when you go out. Of course, if it’s just you riding and you know your adjustments, it’s not entirely necessary, but it’s always a wise idea to be prepared with the right tools.

Bolted seat post clamps are not the only option at your disposal. There are also quick release or quick adjust seatpost clamps which are more convenient and much easier to adjust in the field or on the trail. These fit onto the frame of a unicycle in a similar manner as a bolt clamp, but instead of tightening or adjusting with bolts, they have one or two lever arms that can be opened or closed without the need for tools. To adjust a quick release seatpost clamp, all you need to do is open the clamp bar, and make the requisite adjustments. Once the adjustments have been made, you can close the bar, securing the clamp. If it is tightened and adjusted correctly, it will secure properly at the right height, without the need for tools.

These types of seat clamps are preferable for riders who need to make frequent adjustments in the field for comfort. They’re also useful if you expect to let someone else right your unicycle, since all riders have different measurements.

Whatever you determine your needs are in unicycle seatpost clamps, you’ll find what you’re looking for at In addition to the clamps, they sell seat posts, tools, saddles and much more, effectively everything you need to be comfortable and capable while riding. Visit their website,, or contact a member of their customer service team today at 678-494-4962 to learn more about the different types of seatpost clamps or to find what’s right for you.

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