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Roofing Hammers: Sheet Metal vs Slate

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Any roofer will tell you that comparing sheet metal and slate roofing jobs is like apples and oranges. There are so many differences between the two, from the actual performance of each material to the work it takes to get each job done. However, there is one similarity that holds true between slate and sheet metal roofing and that’s the quality tools that are needed for the job.

In general, roofing is exhausting and time-consuming work. Without the proper roofing equipment for the job, you won’t be able to do it as efficiently or as quickly as you might like.

One major tool that is needed for both areas of roofing is a hammer. Those working with sheet metal are probably looking for a tinners hammer while those working with a slate roof will want a slate hammer.

When picking out a roofing hammer there are various things to consider before making your purchase. You want to think about what the hammer’s made of and if the design is something you’ll feel comfortable wielding. From the head of the hammer to the handle, make sure it is something comfortable and durable that you are willing to use every day. You can also base your decision on whether or not you trust the brand. The first thing you should be thinking about is whether you need your hammer for a sheet metal roofing job or a slate roofing job.

Tinners Hammers
When it comes to sheet metal roofing you need a solid tinners hammer. If you don’t invest in a sturdy and durable hammer then you’ll just be replacing it again after it inevitably breaks. When it comes to quality roofing hammers there are a few options that are above the rest. One option is a Malco Sheet Metal hammer. This is by far the most popular Malco setting hammer due to its comfortable grip and corrosion-resistant head. Overall this is a strong and powerful hammer.

Another brand that makes excellent hammers is Freund. They make specialty PVC tinners hammers that come in many different styles. They have a square hammer and a rounded hammer, but their most popular version is the wedged PVC tinners hammer. This hammer as an edged hammerhead that makes it good for corner work. All of their hammers are very lightweight, but still very durable.

Slate Hammers
When it comes to slate roofing you need a special kind of hammer for the job. There are regular slate hammers and restoration hammers. A slate hammer is a must-have for any slate roofer. There are two primary uses for a slate hammer. The first is for precision striking. For this a good hammer will always be well-balanced and weighted. The second use is for trimming slate. You’ll want to create a perfectly chamfered edge.

Lastly, there are restoration hammers. These are very similar to your average slate hammers, but you may have guessed they’re more tailored toward roof restoration. A proper restoration hammer should be able to pound in heavier nails with ease. Some hammers also have a pointed side for making nail holes when needed.

When looking for a quality roofing hammer, whether it’s for a slate roofing job or a sheet metal roofing job, the best place to get one online is They have a vast selection of quality roofing tools for any occasion. Visit their website today and see the amazing tools they have to offer.

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