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What Industries Use and Need High-Quality Carbon Fiber Parts?

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Every business can profit from a wide range of key materials but can also suffer detrimental effects from others. For example, can you imagine using chickpeas to make desks instead of using hardwood, steel, screws, and nails? Probably not, yet chickpeas make excellent hummus and are a popular ingredient– and even a necessary one– for some restaurants and food services.

While the aforementioned example is admittedly outlandish, the point is clear: the right materials make the right products.

This certainly holds true for carbon fiber parts and the industries that need them in order to create the products that they specialize in. So, this begs the question, which industries need high-quality carbon fiber parts?

Robotics & Manufacturing
Robotics requires sturdy and efficient parts, as they need durability for automation, mobility, and various other tasks. There aren’t any better parts for the job than those made of carbon fiber. The same goes for manufacturing, which has an expansive realm of applications.

Have you ever wondered what goes into some medical devices and equipment? More likely than not, the answer is carbon fiber. Machinery like MRI machines, x-ray imaging in general, and even prosthetic limbs use the sturdy and dependable nature of carbon fiber to get their visions and desires met. There is little room for error in this industry, so carbon fiber is undeniably the material of choice.

Whether it’s a private jet or a space shuttle, many of the parts included in aviation vehicles are made of carbon fiber. And, yes, this includes military aviation as well. Carbon fiber is found nearly everywhere in these products, including large imperative panels and small gauges, switches, and support screens.

Speaking of aviation, even your little cousin’s favorite flying “toy” is made of carbon fiber. Drones need to be lightweight enough in order to take off, fly, and hover in the air. Fortunately, carbon fiber allows that to happen. The rotor and fixed-wings are just two components that require the versatile material for proper flight.

Consumer Products
Last and certainly not least, we have consumer products– and various ones at that– that require the integration of carbon fiber to be as they are. One fine example of such is knife handles. Knife manufacturers require carbon fiber to be weaved sublimely into their products, especially the handles, for perfection with every use.

Other examples of consumer products that use carbon fiber are boats– and boats both big and small at that. It’s even found its way into dragon boats and standup boards. This miraculous material gets the job done right every, single time in all of its applications.

Why Choose Protech Composites for Carbon Fiber?
When you are looking for a supplier of truly reliable carbon fiber parts, look no further than Protech Composites. They guarantee no pinholes, voids, or porosity so you can use their creations with confidence. They even have custom carbon fiber products to best adhere to your needs. If you have any questions about their offerings and services, give them a call today at 360-573-7800.

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