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What Is The Best Juul Accessory?

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There are many advantages to smoking a Juul brand vaporizer. Juul products are an amazing alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. They make for an excellent nicotine experience for adult smokers. They have no buttons or switches and are extremely simple to use. Not to mention they are also cheaper than cigarettes. You can save over $150 dollars a month by switching to a Juul.

Lastly, one of the greatest benefits of smoking a Juul is the amazing accessories that you can get to improve the experience. If you are looking to buy Juul accessories there are plenty of fantastic options, but there is one that stands above the rest. That accessory is a portable charger.

Although Juul vaporizers make for suburb alternatives to smoking, they still have their downfalls. One of their biggest downfalls is that they may die while you are out and you may not have a way to recharge it. However, what’s good about this is that it is an easy fix with the right accessory. All you need is a portable charger and you will not have to worry about being stuck without your Juul and forced to face the temptation of cigarettes again. One of the best portable chargers on the market is the VQ Volt.

What Is The VQ Volt?
The VQ Volt is a portable Juul charger made by Vaportronix. In fact, it is the world’s first patented, portable universal charger that is designed specifically for the Juul brand vaporizer. The VQ Volt can attach to any flat surface like the back of your cell phone. You likely already carry your phone with you everywhere so now you will have a convenient way of charging your Juul at all times. There are plenty of other benefits to the VQ Volt as well.

A Convenient Way To Store Your Juul
When Vaportronix designed the VQ Volt they had a simple mission in mind. They recognized Juul’s ability to help people quit natural cigarettes, but they also saw the flaws in the design. Juul smokers who were previously cigarette smokers may be inclined to get back into the habit if their Juul dies during a night out or if they accidentally leave their Juul behind because they did not have a proper place to store it. The VQ Volt solves both of these issues.

Place your Juul in the VQ Volt and when the Juul is finished charging the LED on the Juul will turn off. Because of this it will not drain any battery while you are on the go after it is fully charged. So you have a convenient spot to keep your Juul when you are not using it and you will not have to risk losing it or wonder where you set it down last.

Where Can You Buy Juul Accessories
If you are looking to buy Juul accessories and do not want to settle for less than the highest-of-quality products, then you can get the VQ Volt by Vaportronix from their website at vqvolt.com. There you can get the portable charger you’ve been waiting for. You can also purchase a micro USB 40” cable and a duel-USB charger block.

If you are researching “portable chargers for Juul” because you lost yours or previously misplaced it, then you can get an entirely new Juul from their site as well. In fact they have a VQ Volt + Juul combo pack to further save you money. Visit their site today and get the best cigerette-smoking alternative and make it even better with the proper Juul accessory.

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