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What is the Purpose of a Cassock and Surplice?

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Being a member of the clergy means you have to abide by the uniform guidelines of the church. This is not hard to do and all clergy members happily oblige, but there is only one issue that arises when it comes to clergy wear. That issue is where to exactly find it.

Finding appropriate and affordable clergy wear can be hard to come by. These garments are not like other forms of clothing. You are unable to go to your local retail store and find racks of clergy attire. The need for clergy wear can be viewed as a niche market considering the general public doesn’t normally need this type of clothing.

Nonetheless, clergy wear is still needed for individuals who work for their church. From an outsider’s perspective, it’s not commonly known how diverse the range of clothing items needed for clergy members is. Depending on the specific job role, there is a corresponding clergy garment that goes along with each job.

It could be interesting to know what type of clergy wear your pastors or ministers are wearing next time you attend your next church service.

What is a Cassock?
A cassock is a Christian clerical clothing coat typically worn within Christrianchurches and other Protestant denominational churches. This is a Latin term that translates to “ankle-length garment.” This garment is also commonly worn by church choirs and members of the church who serve an official role or office. Although this garment reaches the ankles, pants are usually worn underneath.

A cassock is secured with button closure, is adorned with long sleeves, and fits the body closely. In different religions, certain members of the clergy will wear different colors, signifying their status among the clergy.

Historically, the cassock was worn outside of the church to show their status within the church. Now, you can find clerical members wearing their cassocks inside the church, over their outside clothing.

What is a Surplice?
A surplice is quite different from a cassock, as it comes in the form of a white linen tunic that reaches the knees. Made with very wide sleeves, a surplice is typically worn over top of a cassock, making the entire ensemble complete. Usually, a surplice will be made with lace decoration and occasionally could have embroidered bordures.

While the cassock and surplice make the completed ensemble, a cassock can be worn without a surplice but typically a surplice cannot be worn without the cassock.

Nevertheless, no matter what you are required to wear as a member of the clergy of your church, it can be difficult to find the appropriate garments you may need. Most mainstream, local retail stores do not carry the type of garments you need.

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