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What Makes a Good Water Purifier?

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When it comes to home water filtration, there are a lot of different options on the market. Every filtration system will have its own advantages and disadvantages, which is why it is important to know what makes a good water purifier. Different types of filtration media and mechanisms of action will all impact the final water quality that you get out of your filtration system.

Filtration Media
Almost all home water filter systems use carbon filters. Activated carbon is extremely adept at removing contaminants from drinking water due to its high surface area. Just a simple handful of finely powdered carbon can have a surface area almost as large as a football field. The quality of filtration media will affect the final water quality you receive. Large granules of carbon filtration media will offer the least amount of filtration power, while good water purifiers will use finely powdered carbon to produce superior results.

Another thing to consider is how water is going to be passing through your filtration media. Home water filtration systems are either gravity fed or pressurized. Gravity fed systems use the weight of water to push it through the filtration media. This means that they operate under low pressure and have to use loose filtration media. Home water lines operate at around 40 PSI of pressure. When hooked directly into a filter, this high pressure will allow water to flow through finer filtration media.

Pitcher Filters
One of the most common home filtration options is the water filter pitcher. These pitchers are simple devices that feature two chambers with a filter cartridge in between. Despite their popularity, these are gravity fed filters that use cartridges full of large carbon granules. As a result, they do offer some filtration, but it is limited. The fact that water can be run through these filters multiple times with an improvement in quality each time is evidence that they do not completely filter the waterborne contaminants in one go. They also require daily refills and regular filter replacements.

Faucet Mount Filters
Another popular option are faucet mounted filters. These attach to the end of your kitchen faucet and typically offer the option to either use your tap water unfiltered for cleaning tasks, or to get filtered water for drinking. Because these filters are designed to attach to a faucet, they operate under pressure and use a finer filtration media. Sadly their small size limits the cartridge capacity and they can be difficult or impossible to mount on certain faucets.

Under Sink Filters
The final home drinking water filtration system to consider is an under sink filter. These are mounted inside the cabinet under your kitchen sink and hook directly into your home cold water line. Filtered water from the system is then dispensed using a small dedicated faucet or through the cold water side of your existing faucet. Because of their large cartridge size and the fact that they operate under pressure, many under sink filters only need a replacement filter once per year, making them a low maintenance option.

If you are looking for a good water purifier, going with an under sink filtration system is usually the best option. Everpure systems by Pentair offer an amazing balance between ease of use and water quality. You can find a great selection of home under sink Everpure filters when you visit www.efilters.net. Their team specialize in these Everpure systems so they can help homeowners find the perfect filtration solution for their homes.

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