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What to Know Before Buying a Glass Bong

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When it comes to buying a glass bong, knowing what you’re looking for is crucial. Even experienced smokers can be quickly overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available. Between bongs themselves and the accessories that can be used with them, finding the perfect bong for you will involve doing a little bit of research. One of the best ways to know what you’re looking for is to try out different types of bongs. For new smokers, this may not be a feasible option, but luckily there are a few basics that can help inform anyone’s bong buying choice.

Before we dig into a few points about glass bongs, let’s cover the basics:

● Your average bong has three main components: the tube, the downstem, and the bowl.

● The “tube” is the body of the bong.

● The downstem is the [often removable] tube that carries smoke from the bowl to the bong water.

● The bowl or slide is the part that holds the herb and is removed to open the airflow and clear the bong.

● High-quality glass water pipes and bongs will use secure ground glass on glass joints to secure these different components.

Air Resistance
One of the biggest differences between different types of bongs is how smoothly they pull once the bowl has been removed. Some bongs will have several filtration steps like tree percs in the tube which will add both extra filtration and draw resistance. If you want incredibly clean smoke, then multi perc bongs will help while taking a little longer to clear. However, if you want to get a fast and snappy draw, simple setups may be the best option for you.

The size and shape of the bong can also affect draw resistance. Beaker bongs are a popular option that will have a lot more draw resistance than a similarly sized straight tube bong due to the increased space for air to circulate in the base. Obviously, the size of your bong will also have a huge impact on how quickly it clears. A nice mini bong can be a great option for smokers who want a smooth experience without taking massive hits. Smaller bongs also make great dab rigs because you usually want to inhale the vapor from a dab quickly to get the best flavor.

Another thing to consider is cooling your smoke. Larger bongs will naturally have some cooling effect, but some bongs and water pipes have special features to cool smoke. One of the most common options is an ice catcher, a pinch in the tube that will hold ice cubes for the smoke to pass through. Some bongs may also have a freezer coil that can be removed and chilled to provide excellent cooling without having to deal with melting ice.

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