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What You Must Know About hot Flashes Before periods

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Around one in ten women reporting regular periods experiences hot flashes. A study shows over four in ten women experience hot flashes during the first years following menopause. Here is what you need to know about hot flashes before period.

The main reason for hot flashes or night sweats before a period is said to be dropping estrogen levels. When the estrogen levels drop, it might affect the hypothalamus, the brain region responsible for maintaining a stable temperature in the body. This could be an overreaction by the body to increase the body temperature slightly. When the body temperature rises, the blood vessels all over the body dilate in an attempt to cool the body. Some triggers that lead to hot flashes are alcohol, stress, caffeine, spicy foods, getting warm or obesity. Hot flashes can also occur as a side effect while taking some supplements or medications or may be due to anxiety or hyperthyroidism.

Hot flashes symptoms
Symptoms of hot flashes include warm temperature in the body, profuse sweating, flushing of the skin, chills and anxiety. Hot flashes before period might last from half a minute to several minutes. While some people might experience hot flashes once a day, some others experience them more often. When the body cools down, the moisture resulting from sweat can lead to dampness in clothing. Hot flashes happening during night can lead to night sweats as a result of intense heat.

How to manage hot flashes
The most common and easy techniques to manage hot flashes include consuming cool drinks and cool foods, removing extra clothing and wearing layers, and using fan to cool the body.

Estrogen and progesterone supplements also known as hormone therapy are prescribed to manage hot flashes. However, these treatments are not advised for those reporting stroke, liver diseases and breast cancer. Some people find remedy for hot flashes in antidepressant medications.

Take away
A lot of people are actively seeking remedies that do not have side effects. While treating hot flashes it is important that you act safely not inviting any harm to your overall health and wellness. Orovana Intimacy Set offered combining Orovana Sensate and Orovana Rejuvenate is a great option to treat hot flashes before period. Orovana products are effective, safe and provide proven remedy for a broad spectrum of genitourinary symptoms experienced during hot flashes before period.

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