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Who Offers the Best Shopify SEO Services?

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The number of Shopify eCommerce websites just continues to grow, with over 4 million in total in 2023.

But why do eCommerce merchants choose this platform to build their eCommerce businesses, and where can you find the best Shopify SEO services to improve your online store’s organic footprint in the search results?

Here are a few of the answers.

Why Is Shopify Such a Popular Platform?

Shopify is a perennially popular eCommerce platform, and there are a number of reasons for this, including the following:

  • The platform is highly scalable and easily customizable
  • As a SaaS platform, security and site speed are automatically maintained by the host
  • The platform is affordable and multiple tiers are available
  • It’s easy to launch a website, even for beginners
  • Shopify offers excellent merchant support
  • It doesn’t require self-hosting
  • The platform has a relatively open API that makes integrations easy
  • The platform’s popularity have given rise to the “Shopify ecosystem” which refers to a large body of developers, designers, and digital marketers
  • SEO for Shopify is relatively straightforward

This just scratches the surface as to why Shopify is so popular, but these are some of the most prevalent reasons.

Is Shopify Good for SEO?

Shopify is relatively “good for SEO,” even out of the box. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Shopify automatically creates and updates your store’s sitemap
  • The platform is naturally fast and secure since it is a SaaS model
  • It’s easy to add or delete pages from a website
  • Making page-level customizations, such as to product page content, URL slug, or metadata, is easy and straightforward
  • The platform comes with a built-in blogging engine
  • The relatively open API makes integrations easy
  • There is a wide range of compatible apps that can help you improve your website’s SEO

Does Shopify Offer SEO Services?

Shopify itself does not offer SEO services, but since there are so many users of the platform, the community supports a huge group of developers, designers, and digital marketing experts known collectively as the “Shopify ecosystem.” There are providers of SEO services that are a part of it.

How Much Do Shopify SEO Services Cost?

There is no one set cost for Shopify SEO services, so prices will vary. For most Shopify SEO campaigns, prices will likely cost somewhere between $3,000 and $10,000 per month. For the best Shopify SEO services that are comprehensive and which position your business to compete against large, successful brands, monthly costs can be as high as $30,000 or more per month.

What Do the Best Shopify SEO Services Entail?

The best Shopify SEO services are comprehensive and are designed to completely optimize the organic footprint of a Shopify website.

These services will include (but will not necessarily be limited to):

  • Strategy planning and consultation
  • Keyword research
  • Elimination of technical SEO errors (404s, duplicate content, sitemap issues, etc.)
  • Optimization of images and on-page ranking factors like meta titles, product descriptions, URL slugs, and page content
  • Site speed optimizations (implementation of a CDN, image file compression, etc.)
  • Content strategy that includes optimizing blog posts and landing pages
  • Internal link strategy that improves site user experience
  • Backlink strategy encompassing the creation of new backlinks on high-DA websites
  • Frequent updates to strategic approach/tactics
  • Content and website usability audits
  • Continuous analytics monitoring and reporting
  • And more, all of which are intended to boost organic traffic and sales to your Shopify store

What Are the Best Shopify SEO Apps?

One of the best things about the Shopify platform is that there are so many SEO tools and  Shopify apps available for it (thousands, in fact). Many of these are dedicated to SEO.

Among the best SEO apps for Shopify are:

  • Smart SEO
  • SEO Booster
  • Crush
  • SearchPie
  • SEO Optimizer Wizard
  • Yoast
  • SEO Ant
  • SEO King

While these are some of the best, it is important to remember that there are countless others.

Want to Learn More About Shopify SEO?

Ready to learn more about the best Shopify SEO services in the industry? Visit Genius eCommerce via the previous link. They have a whole section of their website dedicated to Shopify SEO!

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