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Why Every Woman Should Wear a Fox Fur Coat

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It isn’t easy selecting the perfect coat that fits your personality and fashion sense while keeping you warm and comfortable, too. You want a coat that can both be practical and a headturner. Your coat should keep you warm, be simple to wear and put on, and look stunning.

There is one type of coat that really outshines them all in both the areas of utility and style: a real fur coat. Real fur provides its wearer with unique qualities and always checks all the boxes for a perfect coat.

However, it can be difficult to choose a particular fur coat, as there are plenty of fur options to choose from: mink, fox, chinchilla, lynx, sable, raccoon… The list goes on. Amongst all of these, though, fox stands out the most. There are various reasons why you should choose to wear fox fur coats for women.

Affordable Price
Fur coats can often be daunting due to their high prices, but not with fox fur coats. This type is one of the lowest priced fur coats! Fox fur coats for women only typically require 4-8 pelts, while other coats require many more. For example, chinchilla coats use around 150 pelts. That is one of the main reasons chinchilla coats are some of these most expensive fur coats, typically costing from $30,000 to $100,000! Fox fur coats, in contrast, cost from $800 to $2,000.

Fluffy, Comfortable, and Warm
A fox’s pelt is naturally one of the fluffiest and warmest, which is why it belongs in a fine coat. The fluffiness of this fur is excellent for keeping you warm and insulated while also looking fashionable. It’s luxurious as well, furthering its level of comfort for the wearer of any fox fur coat.

Versatile and Stunning
Fox fur looks great on any coat in any way that it’s designed. It makes for a great coat if it’s 100% fox fur, but it also looks elegant if it only trims it. It’s the perfect fur for high-fashion, as it looks great as trim in collars, cuffs, headbands, wraps, and scarves. No matter how your coat uses the versatile fox fur, it will effortlessly complement your body and style.

One major issue with many fur coats is their weight. Most fur coats feel like a heavyweight on your shoulders and body, making mobility and comfort difficult to obtain. This is fortunately not the case with fox fur coats. Fox fur is naturally lightweight, so when it is worn in a coat or any other garment, it is a breeze to wear.

When choosing the best real fur coat to keep you warm, comfortable, and gorgeous during the winter, look no further than fox fur coats for women. These types of coats are the best of all the available options. If you are looking for top-quality fox fur coats and other fine fur products, visit Maximilian. They have the best options for any and all your fur needs, from coats to accessories, to best complete your wardrobe.

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