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Why Label Your Children’s School Supplies and Clothes

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Labeling your kid’s school supplies and other personal items is a simple yet meaningful way to help teach kids basic organizational skills while also making sure important school supplies actually make it back home.

With children’s name labels for school you can easily identify (and spruce up!) backpacks, lunch boxes, shoes, pens, pencils, books, and anything else your kids bring to school.

Additionally, it will be simpler to separate the belongings of each child’s backpack if you have more than one child enrolled in school.

Here is a bit of information on the importance of labeling your children’s school’s supplies and where you can find the best name labels for kids online.

Types of Kids’ Name Labels

Stick-On Clothing Labels
Stick-On labels, according to their name, need zero skill to affix. Identical to standard name labels, these are easily applied by simply peeling them off and sticking them on garment tags. To extend the life of your garment tags, we advise you to use the Stick-On Clothing Labels available at

Iron-on Name Labels
Using an iron, you may permanently attach these fabric tags to your garments.

They can be washed and dried without any problems, making them an ideal long-term option for often-washed items. When compared to Stick-On labels, Iron-On labels stay securely in place on fabrics. Towels, stockings, and mittens are all examples of items that have flat surfaces that are perfect for ironing on labels.

The Benefits of Using Name Label Stickers for Children’s Belongings

Find the Items That Are Identical to Each Other
Whether it’s folders, binders, pencil cases, or even the pencils themselves, the items most likely to get mixed up are the ones every kid has! Using personalized labels for school that clearly display your child’s name will go a long way in preventing these kinds of mishaps.

Taking Pride in One’s Possessions
Have you ever stood in amazement before your automobile after spending hours washing it on your driveway, staring at it intently, and reassuring yourself in your head that it is yours and yours alone? If so, you’re not the only one.

Labeling your child’s belongings can help instill a sense of pride and responsibility even in something small. They’ll be more careful with their supplies if they do. You shouldn’t worry that they suddenly won’t share because of this as you would allow other family members to ride in your car.

Prevent Mix-Ups with Other Child’s Stuff
There could be confusion if multiple students brought the same color of a lunchbox, bag, or pencil case to the class. Misunderstandings could be avoided largely through the use of Name Label Stickers. Hand sanitizer and face masks should be clearly labeled to prevent inadvertent swapping.

If you have twins or children who are close in age, it is a good idea to mark or tag their belongings so that there is no question about who should use what. It’s more convenient, keeps the peace at home, and saves you time and effort.

Stops the Spread of Germs
It is crucial to instill in children the value of personal possessions and the importance of not sharing them during these uncertain pandemic times. Knowing your child is ill is the most terrifying thing that can happen to a parent.

Labeling children’s items like pens, colored pencils, calculators, and water bottles, among other things, will encourage kids to store their belongings in a clean, germ-free environment.

If you’re interested in learning more about school labels, head over to Sticky Monkey Labels today. They have a great selection of colorful kids labels for school supplies, shirts, shoes, water bottles, and everything else that your child will be bringing to school with them on a regular basis!

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