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Why stories are a great component of any good motivational speech

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Stories add value to motivational speeches. Every motivational speaker needs to develop the art of storytelling to maximize the impact of his or her speech. Remember that to be able to become successful in your industry, you cannot just rehearse the ideas of other people. What people expect from the top motivational speakers is a fresh and relevant content that is unique and interesting. Here are a few strong reasons why stories are a great component of a good motivational speech.

Stories can engage the audience Stories can engage the audience in a powerful way. Stories contain an element of suspense and ‘what next’. Hence they help build expectations in people. A good story can help beat the monotony that can set in a speech in due course and evoke the interest of the listeners. Even those who are seen disengaging from the speech can be easily attracted to quit their diversions and focus on the speech through a good story.

Stories help people see their own problems and challenges Every story is centered on a problem, theme or topic. When you select the story relevant to the topic you are discussing, it can help people visualize their own problems and identify themselves with the central character of the story. This can help them see their own problems and challenges in front of them and gain confidence that they are not the only ones to face them.

Stories help people find some models to emulate Usually a story tells how the hero solved a problem or overcame a challenge. This will help the audience draw some useful and viable conclusions from the story and find a good model they can emulate to succeed in life.

Stories show the way to solve problems Stories help solve problems in life. Stories have a huge element of education in them. They entertain, inform, educate and even transform the listeners. By listening to stories, people develop problem solving skills, self-confidence and the ability to introspect themselves. Hence the value of a good story in educating and molding people cannot be underestimated.

Stories help build confidence A person who has lost his or her confidence can be soothed, comforted and brought to the regular state through a good story. Since most stories progress from a problem to solution or nothing to something, people listening to them develop confidence by connecting them well with the story.

Tips to make your story effective •Choose a good story that is highly relevant to the topic. •Ensure that the story is suitable to the kind of audience you will be speaking to. •Rework on the story line you have come across to make it more presentable, appealing and interesting. •Keep the element of suspense tight till the end to engage the audience in a powerful way. •Rework on the starting and ending of the story to suit the topic and drive the message you want to convey in a powerful way.

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