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Why the MiniMo Is the Jetboil Stove Every Backpacker Needs

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For those of you that plan serious backpacking trips, multiple days in length (or longer) in remote areas with minimal, complicated access to amenities, you know firsthand the importance of smart packing.

The gear you can bring is limited and you need to make hard choices about what to bring, and what to leave out.

Utility, weight, and packability all factor into these decisions.

Some things are universal. Every backpacker has to eat, for instance.

But lightweight backpacking makes it difficult to follow the traditional route of gathering wood and digging a firepit before cooking each meal.

Matches may be lightweight, but a shovel or a hatchet won’t be, to mention the time and energy expenditure of gathering wood and preparing a fire.

This is one of the reasons that 99% (if not more) of backpackers carry packable liquid fuel stove systems.

Take, for instance, the MiniMo. This classic Jetboil Stove is a great option, and a backpacker’s best friend.

More properly dubbed a complete “cooking system,” the Jetboil MiniMo is optimized for backpackers in terms of weight, size, multifunctional utility, and user-friendliness.

There are few systems that can hold a proverbial candle to it in terms of ease of use or simplicity. When you need to set up camp and heat a quick meal in a jiffy, this Jetboil system makes it easy.

The MiniMo is small and light, only 14.6 ounces, with 5”x6” dimensions and a capacity of 32 ounces.

It’s small, but designed to be the first Jetboil stove (actually, the first backpacking stove, ever) with a pot that you can both cook in and eat out of – and it’s perfectly sized, big enough for you to get your spoon into and get your food out without spilling it everywhere.

Because of this, cleanup is simplified. There are no dishes to wash, just the cooking pot.

The 1L “FluxRing” cup also includes a drink-through lid with a pour spout and a strainer, for ease of use.

It’s designed for durability as much as packability, too, with sturdy metal handles and an insulated cozy.

Don’t let the small size of this Jetboil stove fool you, either. It’s powerful and precise, offering 6,000BTU/h of heating power and a 2-minute, 15-second per 16 oz boil time. (Also, one 100g JetPower fuel canister can boil 12 liters.)

It also delivers unbeatable simmer control thanks to Jetboil’s engineered valve. A temperature regulator and a push-button igniter also offer consistent performance in temperatures as low as 20℉.

Plus, it comes with a pot support and fuel can stabilizer, the bottom cover serves as both a measuring cup and bowl, and yes, this little Jetboil stove is available in a number of colors and cool themes.

Need a New Jetboil Stove? Visit
If you’re looking for a new Jetboil stove for ultra-lightweight backpacking you can’t go wrong with the Jetboil MiniMo cooking system, both for its weight and versatility.

Visit to get the scoop on this and other Jetboil stoves like the Jetboil Flash, Sumo, and Zip, and don’t forget the essentials – JetPower fuel and Jetboil accessories.

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