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Why You Need to Look into Solid Carbide Drill Bit Manufacturers

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Milling machines are all about speed and accuracy. They can quickly shape and cut materials to exact specifications using computer numerical control. One area where milling machines sometimes experience difficulties is drilling precisely positioned holes. Drill bits have a tendency to be unstable due to their long length compared to their width. If you want to experience the best possible results when drilling holes in your workpiece, then you need to look into tools from solid carbide drill bit manufacturers.

The biggest issue with drill bits is their tendency to oscillate at high speeds. The easiest way to picture this issue is to imagine what would happen when spinning a less rigid object, like a piece of string. The faster the object spins, the more it’s tip will drift away from the central axis of rotation. Even the slight deviation from center experienced by steel drill bits rotating at high speeds can cause the drill bit to deflect off of hard surfaces and “walk” off its mark.

For this reason, accuracy is often improved by spot drilling. This process uses a short, more stable tool to create small conical depressions in the surface of a workpiece to mark the location of holes on the finished piece. These “spots” will help guide the tips of longer drill bits so they can seat themselves without walking off their mark. The process of spotting adds a tool change and eats up additional production time, so it is not an ideal solution.

One of the best ways to ensure accuracy is to use drill bits manufactured from solid carbide. Carbide is a composite material made up of tiny granules of tungsten carbide cemented together with a binding metal like cobalt. These tools are significantly more rigid than steel tools, which makes them less prone to oscillations. This will help ensure that your holes are accurate, often without the need to spot drill ahead of time. In addition to being more accurate, carbide cutting tools are more resistant to heat and hold an edge longer than conventional steel tools.

When it comes to finding carbide drill bits, you need to consider the drill bit manufacturers that you will be buying from. It is easy and cheap to buy carbide bits from overseas, but not all carbide is created equal. Just like poorly mixed concrete, improperly sized carbide aggregate in the tool material can create weak points in your tools. Working with domestic manufacturers that have strict tolerance requirements will ensure that your tools will be built to last.

If you are looking for a solid carbide drill bit manufacturer, Online Carbide is a great option. They have a wide range of carbide cutting tools in stock including jobber drills, stub drills, and spot drills in fraction, letter, metric, and wire sizes. All of their drill bits are precision machined from high quality solid carbide tool stock. You can see their complete inventory of tools when you visit www.onlinecarbide.com.

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