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Fox Fur Coat: Why Get One and Where to Get the Best

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As winter approaches, you know that you need the appropriate clothing to keep you warm and insulated throughout the coldest season. You especially need a coat so that can you are kept warm while you’re outside, no matter how cold it may be.

However, a normal coat may not suffice enough, as it won’t check all of your boxes: optimal warmth, weather-resistant, fashionable, pop of color, chic, and eye-catching. That is where a fox fur coat can come in to save the day.

But why exactly should you consider purchasing a fox fur coat amongst the many other coat material options out there? And where can you get one that is authentic and trustworthy? Let’s address these concerns right now.

Why Choose a Fox Coat?
There are numerous types of fur out there: sable, rabbit, chinchilla, raccoon, and much more. However, fox fur in particular has numerous admirable qualities that deserve recognition and attention. Why should you choose a coat made of fox fur above all the others?

One issue with any fur coat or jacket is that it can cost a lot more money than most people are willing to pay. However, fox fur is different, as it is one of the most affordable furs out there. This is because most coats made of fox fur only require 4-8 pelts, while other fur options require far more. The more pelts, the more pricy a garment can become.

Coats that are made of fox fur typically range in price from $800 to $2,000, which is a massive difference in comparison to chinchilla, which is one of the most expensive fur options available. Chinchilla coats require around 150 pelts per coat, making the price range $30,000 to $100,000!

Warm and Insulating
Like any fur type, fox fur is warm and insulating. But, it is exceptionally so. In fact, it is one of the warmest materials on earth. Now imagine wrapping yourself in that while walking out in a snowstorm! You’ll certainly be prepared for that cold with fox fur.

Gorgeous Look and Puffy
One of the most unique and enticing qualities about fox fur coats is their look. The pelt of a fox is naturally puffy, furthering its warmth, but also its aesthetics. That is why it is so often used in high fashion and other items, like household objects. It can be effectively worn in both casual and formal events.

Plus, if you want a coat that has either 100% fox fur or just accents of fox fur, your desires can easily be met. Your coat will be chic, warm, comfortable, soft, and the talk of the town with any amount of fox fur!

Lightweight and Comfortable
One issue with a lot of other fur coats is that they can be heavy, making them irksome to put on, wear, take off, and even carry. Fortunately, fox fur is extremely lightweight, so when you have a coat made of fox fur, you’ll never feel as if there is a weight on your shoulders.

The lightweight nature of this particular fur furthers its comfortability. What also adds to its comfort is its luxurious smoothness and softness. To sum up, you’ll never be uncomfortable in a fox fur coat!

Where Can You Buy the Best Fox Fur Coats?
One issue with purchasing any fur garment is knowing you’re getting something that is authentic and of the highest quality. Fortunately, when you purchase any fur garment or object from Maximilian, you’ll undoubtedly be satisfied!

Be sure to browse their large selection of stunning fur coats and, if you have any questions about their offerings, give them a call at 800-TLC-FURS to have all your concerns addressed!

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