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Redo Your Kitchen with Timeless Subway Tiles

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Seems like this classic design element never goes out of style. Cream subway tiles have made their way from dreary underground tunnels to every American’s kitchen and bathroom walls. They’ve been around for so many years and they’re never leaving anytime soon. This timeless backsplash has become a staple in every Western homes’ kitchen and we can’t just get enough of it.

Subway Tiles: The Timeless Choice
Before they found their way into our homes, subway tiles were commonly used in commercial kitchens because of their easy-to-clean design. Commercial kitchens need to always be clean and up to code since they deal with foodservice which requires all food preparation areas to be clean. To avoid the likelihood of food poisoning, contact surfaces must be finished with easy-to-clean materials such as subway tiles.

As time went on, home decorators have incorporated this idea into American homes and everyone end up using subway tiles as their kitchen and bathroom backsplash ever since. From that moment on, numerous colors were popping all over the country in every tile makers’ warehouse but the ones that absolutely prevailed were the cream ones.

Decorating your kitchen walls with cream subway tiles surely has a sense of sophistication in it. On top of that, every time you enter this part of your house, you are also taken back to a rich history of promoting beauty and cleanliness in all urban landscapes. It also brings out a late Victorian era feel—which used to be the time when people started adding them in their kitchens and bathrooms.

And even with their long existence in many American houses, with the increasing popularity of minimalist interior designs, so does cream subway tiles. In fact, many Millenials of this era have also started redecorating their apartment kitchen with subway tiles because of their never-ceasing popularity. They not only promote beauty and cleanliness in our kitchen areas, but they also bring out the farmhouse feel most of us are yearning right now.

Other daring homeowners would even install cream subway tiles all the way to the ceiling and all over their bathroom walls, and it just made the areas look even better. Some would incorporate different patterns for pizzazz and use matching grout for a more noticeable effect. These omnipresent distinctive 3″ x 6″ rectangles have also graced even the modern houses of today. Therefore, it’s safe to say that subway tiles are timeless, versatile materials that are essential in our stylish homes.

If you’re planning to redo your kitchen or if you’re just about to have a new kitchen installed in your home, choosing a subway tile for your backsplash will only take your interior design to the next level. Nothing could ever compare to the feeling of being taken back in time when things used to be simpler and life was not so complicated as much as it is today.

With subway tiles, you can find solace in your homes and kitchens without having to travel all the way to Provence, France. Check out Brick City Tile if you’re planning on getting the job done today.

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