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What Makes a Dress Ethical? A Quick Look at Fair-Trade Fashion

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Ethically-made clothing is produced with the rights and well-being of workers in mind, while also paying attention to the impact that these products have on the environment. Although this is not something we often think about in our consumer-based culture, the fact is that many of the goods we buy and use everyday are produced so cheaply because they depend on exploitation.

Ethical dresses and other high-quality clothing items, on the other hand, are produced in a manner that cares about such things as fair wages and working conditions. Supporting ethical brands is a key step toward doing away with fast fashion and adopting a more sensible direction for the fashion industry at large.

Defining Fair-Trade
While we are used to enjoying a certain standard when it comes to our jobs here in the States, fair working conditions are not always present abroad. Many companies actually rely on lax regulations in order to exploit workers in order to minimize costs and pass these cheap prices off to the consumer.

Clearly, this is not a sustainable, nor ethical model of doing business, which is why more brands and companies are shifting over to fair-trade practices. To put it simply, fair trade as a movement seeks to uphold the idea of decent wages and working conditions for everyone. These ethical practices often include sustainability as well, because conscious brands know that you can’t separate the idea of fairness for workers and fairness for the planet.

What’s great about fair trade is that it often relies on smaller, local businesses and is community-focused instead of corporation-focused. By supporting fair trade fashion, you are more likely to lift up a struggling community, and are helping to encourage the use of sustainable business practices such as the use of eco-friendly fabrics and other renewable materials.

The Beauty of Ethical Dresses
Responsibly-made clothing is only going to become more popular as brands recognize the impact they have on both communities and the environment as a whole. Brands such as Cloth Foundry, LAHIVE, and Blara Organic House are proving that you can craft stylish and trendy dresses using deadstock fabric and sustainable fashion practices.

No matter what style you prefer, ethical dresses are the future of fashion. You want to shop for dresses and other quality garments that are crafted with care using the finest quality eco-friendly materials, under safe working conditions that allow workers to flourish.

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