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Why Should a Heavy Hoodie Be Made With 100% Cotton?

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Need something effortless to look cool and casual that you can throw on real quick on busy mornings yet somehow just keeping it fresh and comfortable all day long? Somehow, sometimes it’s hard to pick a closet staple that does not only lets you get out of the house real quick but is also hypoallergenic and does not irritate your skin despite the hectic day you have ahead. Regardless of that fact, there’s one type of clothing that can never go wrong given the hustle and bustle your weekdays bring and that is a heavy hoodie.

Made With 100% Cotton

Remember that a piece of genuine cotton fabric is stronger when wet, enduring hundreds of washings even in hot water. Often made with 100% cotton, a heavy hoodie is not only a comfortable type of clothing to wear but is also incredibly durable and less likely to rip or even tear. Any hoodie made genuinely in this type of material could last even up to more than ten years before you decide to replace it with a new equally good hoodie.

Some fabrics, unbeknownst to many, naturally cause skin irritation such as polyester, spandex, rayon, nylon, or rubber. One-hundred-percent unadulterated cotton is supremely hypoallergenic. And even when the weather is hotter than usual, wearing a hoodie that’s made with 100% cotton won’t react with sweat and cause rashes. Cotton lets the skin breathe that’s why many runners or joggers out there wear cotton when working out. The best example for this was Robert “Rocky” Balboa from the film series “Rocky” a working-class hero jogging up and down the steps in his famous grey hoodied jumper.

Environmentally Friendly

Sustainable fashion is the real deal when pertaining to any products that have something to do with clothing. One of the many signs of low-quality clothing is if they’re pilling. You don’t want the planet to suffer any more than it already does, so the least we can do is buy something that we don’t want to throw right away after a few washes cause they’re pilling. If the pilling doesn’t shed away, it means you’re hoodie is not made of 100% cotton, check the label to be sure, or better yet, buy your heavy hoodie from a company that makes hoodied sweatshirts with cotton fabric alone.

Where To Get It?

With so many stores selling hoodies in every corner you find. It is crucial to find the right brand that sells an authentic, 100% cotton-made hoodie.

At Just Sweatshirts, you won’t have any problems getting a premium quality hoodie. They make weather-resistant clothing, uncompromising comfort, and breathability. From work to play, Just Sweatshirts has you covered no matter what the occasion or situation you have for the day.

Quality is what this brand does and quality is what you will get. If you have any questions under your hood, you can reach them at 1-866-888-5878 so their customer service representatives can help you get what you’re looking for.

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