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The Versatility of Merckens Bittersweet Chocolate

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Chocolate is one of those things that everyone and their mother loves. Or, if you don’t love chocolate, then you will be deemed a social outcast. Chocolate has been around for a very long time and over the years, it has been transformed over and over again. This sweet confection is multi-faceted, has many different types of flavors, can be used in an astounding variety of different ways, and is downright delicious.

Chocolate has transformed into a confection that is widely used all around the world. The way that chocolate has been innovated since its inception is quite amazing. The number of things you can or make with just chocolate can put you in a tailspin.

Chocolate is a beautifully crafted candy. The same sentiment holds whether you get your chocolate from your local convenience store or a chocolatier. Chocolate is comforting for many. Its rich decadent flavor, creamy texture, and the satisfaction of enjoying a delicious piece of chocolate are unmatched.

There are many different kinds of chocolate. Just to name a few, there is semi-sweet chocolate, white chocolate, milk chocolate, and all different levels of dark chocolate. There is another type of chocolate that is not so well-known, well-used, or commonly referred to when we think of chocolate. That is bittersweet chocolate.

The way chocolate is categorized all has to do with the percentage of cacao the chocolate contains. The more cacao you have in chocolate, the more concentrated chocolate flavor you will get, but the flavor becomes quite a bit more bitter and less sweet.

Bittersweet chocolate typically contains around 70% cacao content, making it quite bitter with a strong chocolate flavor. Usually, eating bittersweet chocolate by itself wouldn’t taste too good, however, paired with or inside other desserts, bittersweet chocolate could be a great fit.

Many people choose to bake with bittersweet chocolate, as it can balance out the sweetness of other components of a dessert. There is a certain depth to bittersweet chocolate, so mixing it in with other ingredients that are very sweet, creates added depths of flavor.

Typically, you can find recipes for brownies, cookies, cakes, and other baked goods using bittersweet chocolate. The chocolate gives each dessert a rich and decadent taste. So, if you’re a chocolate lover or “chocoholic” as they say, you might want to opt for the bittersweet chocolate the next time you decide to bake some chocolate chip cookies.

However, not all bittersweet chocolate is made equal. To ensure you are using the best quality chocolate around, you need to use Merckens bittersweet chocolate. This brand of chocolate has been around for many years and has been well-loved by professional bakers and at-home bakers alike. When using Merckens chocolate, you will notice the difference upon the first bite.

However, if you’re a professional baker looking for some high-quality chocolate, there’s only one place to get it.

Find Merckens Bittersweet Chocolate at Stover & Company
Luckily, you can find all of your Merckens bittersweet chocolate needs and much more from stovercompany.com. This online bakery supply distributor stocks thousands of high-quality chocolate, bakery supplies, decorating tools, and every baking ingredient you could possibly think of. Stover & Company is a great place for bakers needing bulk ingredients and high amounts of tools at once.

If you’re interested in checking out everything that Stover & Company has to offer, check them out at stovercompany.com. You will be thoroughly impressed with the selection of products that can work for you and your confectionary business.

Give them a call today at 724-274-6314 and they will be happy to help you with any of your chocolate inquiries.

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