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Can MilSim Matches Help Make You a Better Airsoft Player?

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A lot of airsoft players are probably in it for the fun of plinking or devising matches with their friends, and there’s nothing wrong with that. One of the most important things in any competition is to have fun, and it’s important never to lose sight of that.

However, winning, honing your skills of strategy and reconnaissance, and challenging yourself as an individual with the aim of personal growth are also important goals. If you’re wondering how you can accomplish these aims and still enjoy yourself, then participation in MilSim matches may be for you.

MilSim, which stands for Military Simulation, is a broadly categorized style of airsoft play that attempts to recreate military training, encounters, or engagement as closely as possible. Generally speaking, there are two broad classes of military simulation engagements.

First, there are reenactments, which, as their name suggests, attempt to closely recreate the situations surrounding historical military engagements. In these types of matches, the airsoft guns you can carry, the gear you are allowed to use, and even the clothes or uniforms you wear are typically closely regulated.

The other category is more open-ended. It consists of matches that are constructed according to a strict set of criteria that strictly limit player equipment and positions. The intention here is to challenge both teams by introducing a series of unfavorable or even opportunistically advantageous conditions. As with reenactments, what you can carry, use and do may be strictly limited.

Because the conditions may be set in one team’s favor (or against it) and the gear you are allowed to use is strictly limited, many military simulation matches can be considered significantly more challenging than other types of airsoft engagements. In addition, some military simulation matches take place over the course of several days, in and outside, during which time the weather may cooperate, or fail to, as it chooses.

For those of you interested in a justification of these conditions, or wondering whether or not this type of competitive play is for you, the answer is maybe; for some the experience is formative and for others, it is probably just frustrating. However, the following are some things you can expect to gather from participating in MilSim events.

For one, it will challenge you to think critically. When you’re limited by what you can carry and you can’t just bring any airsoft guns or tactical gear into the arena, you will need to become a creative problem solver. These types of matches are set up intentionally to get you out of your comfort one.

Military simulation can also challenge you to develop more clearly, concisely arranged strategies for improving your team’s fortune or capturing opposing positions to gain a tactical advantage. Again, as you will be limited in what you can carry, this is more of a trial than in other areas.

Additionally, military simulation matches will bring you out of your comfort zone because you may be in the elements for several days in unfavorable conditions. If you’re looking for a way to challenge your grit, this can be more awakening than hiking or camping, since, in those outdoor pursuits, there are no winners or losers.

Finally, many of you may simply want to give military simulation a try for the plain and simple fact that it can be a lot of fun and is a bonding experience for those that participate in it. It’s important not to lose sight of that.

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