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How to Buy Custom Golf Shafts Online

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If you or anyone in your life is an avid golfer, then you or someone you know may have experienced some difficulty finding the perfect golf shaft. Contrary to popular belief, golf shafts can be customizable and they have shafts suited for every golfer. When it comes to buying new golf equipment, the options available to you can be overwhelming.

Especially when it comes to the golf shaft, which is the long, tapered tube that connects to both the golfer’s hand and at the end towards the driver, there are many different options to choose from. All golf shafts serve the same purpose, which is to allow the golfer a way to strike the golf ball at optimal force and speed.

Since the golfing season is in full swing, whether you play for fun with your family or friends or you play competitively, it may be time to think about getting yourself a new golf shaft. However, things are still slowly opening up and your local golf equipment store may not be ready to help you find the right golf shaft in person just yet.

No worries, because there are plenty of opportunities to find the right golf shaft for you. Even more conveniently, you can do so from the comfort of your own home if you decide to buy custom golf shafts online. Now it definitely is ideal to have the option to really test out and feel a golf shaft in person, but this way is much easier and you can find a new golf shaft anytime you want doing it online!

But, if you are just getting back into golfing or are in need of some extra help choosing the right custom golf shaft for you, then here are a few tips to help you get started.

Tips for Choosing the Right Golf Shaft

Before you go ahead and put the first golf shaft you see into your online shopping cart, there are many different variables to consider before entering your card information. First, you need to consider your height, swing speed, the typical trajectory the golf ball takes, and other factors of that nature.

With a custom fitting that can quickly and easily be done with the help of the team at Dallas Golf Company, they are also able to measure flex, flex point, torque rating, length, and overall shaft composition.

1. Choose the right kind of material that you prefer. Usually, golf shafts come in graphite and steel. Many golfers will choose graphite due to the fact that it can help generate more swing speed, given that it’s a lighter material. But, it’s all about personal preference!

2. Find the proper flex of your swing. This can also be determined with the help of golf equipment professionals. The overall flex with the shaft is to make good contact with the golf ball. Measure your swing speed and how far you normally can hit the ball. That will help you determine the flex you need in a golf shaft.

3. The shaft weight is also a very important factor. The weight will determine how fast you can swing the ball. Everyone needs a different weight, so this can be determined with a custom fitting, as well.

So, if you’re in need to buy custom golf shafts online, then look no further than Dallas Golf Company. The professional team is equipped with enough knowledge and experience to help you find the perfect custom shaft.

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