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No Excuses: Root Grapples Are Indispensable Skid Steer Attachments

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In the realm of skid steer attachments, one of the biggest quandaries operators will have to face at times is the issue of specialization. The more specialized a skid steer attachment is, the better it will execute one (or a few) jobs. The less specialized, the more it will struggle to perform certain functions – but it will be able to throw a wider net.

In other words, unspecialized attachments are jacks of all trades and masters of none. Highly-specialized attachments have the opposite problem.

Consider a rock roller, which is excellent at (and basically only at) removing rocks from soil, compared to a generic skid steer bucket, which can be used to excavate, grade, backfill, load, and move materials. The former is highly specialized and the latter is not.

Now, if you’re looking for a utilitarian skid steer attachment that can effectively perform a very wide number of objectives, consider a root grapple. These are among the most versatile of all skid steer attachments.

Perfect for Land Clearing and Cleanup
Root grapples are excellent skid steer attachments for land management, reclamation, and especially clean-up.

With their strong, reinforced bottom tines and hydraulic upper tines, manipulating, dragging, lifting, and moving even the most stubborn, coarse, woody debris is a snap.

High-quality root grapple attachments can also be used for ripping out roots and small stumps, as well as for moving and manipulating other unwieldy debris and loads, such as rocks, boulders, and logs.

Root grapple attachments are also highly useful for consolidating downed brush and trees into burn piles, from which they can be easily dispatched.

Perfect for Demolition and Debris Clearing
Skid steer root grapple attachments are not only useful for those that have to manage a large area of agricultural or wild land. They can also be highly valuable for construction and demolition crews.

Just as root grapples can be used to manipulate logs and brush, they can also be used to load, lift, and position pipes, bricks, siding, stone, and other construction materials. There are more specialized attachments for the job, but a root grapple would work in a pinch.

They are even more practical for demolition and disaster site cleanup, especially since they can make short work of a large quantity of bulky, irregular debris fairly effortlessly.

Their slotted tines make them especially useful for disaster cleanup, particularly in flooded areas, where partially submerged debris needs to be removed; the slotted design allows water to filter through, facilitating cleanup.

Root Grapples (and Other Skid Steer Attachments) That Will Never Surrender
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