Friday, September 22, 2023

When to “Look The Part” With Maximilian

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There is no better therapy for feeling blue nowadays than online shopping. Especially ever since the nasty coronavirus, everyone sought help in online stores for the hope that they could wear that dress, walk on that boots, and strut in that beautiful fur come winter. This is why Maximilian online shop has also upped their game with new arrivals to choose from.

Sophistication. Grace. VOGUE.
Maximilian online shopping is not just therapy, it’s almost a drug, but for looking effortlessly chic and money. Featured in various runways of remarkable designers such as Dennis Basso and Carmen Marc Valvo, shopping for maximilian furs, coats and jackets is fun as it is relaxing.

But how can a lady pull-off such an elegant fashion piece? Check out these totally incredible ways in looking elegant all winter season with Maximilian furs!

For A Quick Getaway From The City
When shopping Maximilian online, make sure to check out the new arrivals section for pegs you might love. For a more riche-look, don’t limit yourself. Look royale when planning a quick visit to Sagaponack or Water Mill maybe. Be dramatic in Alpaca Blend Cape with Fox Trim over a beige or cream blouse. Top this with their new Knitted Mink Bubble Beret to channel your inner glamorous devushka. Now, you want to display elegance without looking extra, throw on a pair of black slim-fitted jeans and a pair of knee high black boots for a quick getaway from the buzzling city life.

For A Date Night
You don’t want to look extra high maintenance when going out on a date, especially for a first date! If you are wondering how to look classy yet simple on a date night, settle on neutrals. Maximilian is not only big on furs, they also have an incredible selection of leather and wool blend coats of neutral colors. Be just the right amount of sophistication and panache so he knows what you’re looking for on a date. Look confident in their cognac Wool Blend Coat over a little black dress that never gets old. Throw on a pair of black ankle high boots and you are absolutely golden. Everyone knows nothing can go wrong with LBD and black ankle high boots. And if you are planning on a short walk before dinner, you might as well don a Knitted Rex Rabbit Hat.

For A Working Girl
Now, because of the pandemic, working onsite is prohibited in most corporate industries. But just to give you a glimpse of that day-to-day feel of a working girl strutting to work in a cold winter weather, Maximilian online shopping is definitely an experience. Imagine yourself looking like a strong independent woman hugged by Maximilian Wool Blend Coat With Fox Collar in beige over a black office blouse, a pair of black dress pants and black office shoes. This coat also comes in navy color, so, say, come Friday, you can actually put this over a white long-sleeves blouse. Throw on a pair of good looking slim-fitted dry denim and finish the relaxed office look by wearing a black ankle high boots.

Whether you’re going to the office or on a date Maximilian has the great stuff you are looking for in furs,coats or even hats! If you have any questions about our products or even about design, you can always contact us at 1-800-TLC-FURS or at [email protected]

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