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Gorgeous Ethically Made Dresses For Any Occasion

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Finding just the right dress for any occasion, one that not only matches your tastes but is also designed in an ethical manner, can be challenging if you don’t know where to look.

Despite growing public awareness about the dangers of fast fashion, most department stores and malls still seem dominated by clothing brands that aren’t necessarily concerned about sustainable practices. If you care about how your clothes are created and are searching for ethically made dresses that are designed to be more mindful, you will love the picks highlighted below.

A Stunning Multipurpose Black Dress

The Diana Organic Cotton Ballet Neckline Dress from Santicler is not only oozing with classic appeal, but it’s also crafted from high-quality organic cotton and recycled elastane jersey. This is the perfect dress to wear to casual gatherings but also works well for date nights or more formal affairs.

Santicler is an ethical clothing brand known for its collection of thoughtfully-designed sweaters, bodysuits, and other functional pieces. Their products are all created in a family-owned factory in small batches, where tradition and ethics permeate the design process.

An Elegant and Ethical Choice

For something decidedly more formal, the Bianca Dress by sustainable clothing brand Bastet Noir may be the way to go. This piece captures a certain feeling of effortless elegance, with just a touch of boho flair.

As every piece is custom and made to order, you can expect nothing but the best quality. All of the pieces crafted by Bastet Noir are made from recycled materials by a small community of women in North Macedonia, with a powerful business model that revolves around the empowerment of single-parent women.

Go Casual

If you are interested in ethically made dresses that are on the casual side, you will fall in love with Blara Organic House. They have an incredible product line of sustainably-made and ethical women’s clothing that is both stylish and comfortable.

For instance, their Jersey Tank Dress is the perfect choice for a weekend getaway or a stroll in the park, yet is also a dress you won’t mind lounging around in. Made from high-quality eco-friendly materials and without the use of any toxic chemicals or dyes, this is the kind of dress you truly feel comfortable wearing and epitomizes what sustainable fashion is all about.

Shopping For Ethical Dresses Online

If you are thinking of picking up a few of these dresses for yourself, you can actually obtain all of them in one place online. Finding clothing that’s not only trendy but also designed with ethics in mind shouldn’t be a chore. At ourCommonplace, you can select from dozens of ethical brands, all of which put the livelihoods of workers first, while also considering our impact on the planet too.

Shopping for clothing that matches your ethics is important, but it can be difficult to know what you’re looking at in most stores, unless you’re already familiar with a certain brand and its ethical practices. This is what makes shopping at ourCommonplace different: they go out of their way to feature only high-quality goods from brands that they approve of, which have a proven track record of eco-friendly and ethical practices. This makes it easy to shop for the pieces you love while shopping according to your values as well.

Whether you are looking for a stylish new party dress or something cozy to wear at the office, ourCommonplace has the selection of consciously-crafted clothing pieces you want. Visit their marketplace today, where you will find all of the beautiful picks listed above as well as dozens of other on-trend ethically made dresses as well.

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