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Why Copper Flower Boxes Are Superior

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Looking for a novel way to add class and distinction to your home, maybe a little bit of extra curb appeal? Flower boxes are a great way to do it and are amazingly easy to add to a home’s facade. They give you the opportunity to add some blooms and greenery to your life, even if you don’t have a lot of floor space.

But not all flower boxes are created equal. Let’s take a look at why copper flower boxes are in a category of their own.

Copper Flower Boxes Are Aesthetically Beautiful and Develop a Rich, Unique Patina over Time
First off, copper flower boxes will add a nice, elegant touch to your home even if you don’t ever plant anything in them. Even a fallow copper flower box will enrich your home’s exterior, adding color, geometry, and luster.

Copper has become very popular in recent years and it only promises to grow in popularity as more people discover its benefits. Bright, native copper offers a unique color and light to a home that provides pleasing contrast and can brighten up a home’s exterior – but that is not copper’s only appeal.

In addition, copper will naturally weather over time, developing a rich patina that can offer significant color and personality. Weathered copper may develop a wide range of colors, from nearly brick red to light greens and blues, to black, depending on the environment. Moreover, the weathered patterns and colors that develop on one copper flower box will be unique to it, giving your home a bespoke appearance!

Copper Flower Boxes Naturally Enrich the Soil!
There’s something else that’s unique and valuable about copper flower boxes that those in the know will tell you. Copper is better for plants and beneficial to the soil, as well. With copper, you don’t just get external beauty, you reap the benefit of function as well.

Let’s take a step back. Copper is an essential nutrient for plants (and animals as well, for that matter). For example, did you know that chlorophyll, one of the compounds that gives plants their green color, contains copper? Plants also need copper to develop seeds and for a variety of other enzymatic processes. Without adequate copper nutrition, plants will not develop properly and will also be more susceptible to diseases.

Soil naturally contains copper but in fairly low concentrations. It depends on where you live and the condition of your soil but most copper concentrations in soil commonly range from 2 to 100 parts per million.

Real copper planters naturally enrich the soil with copper, which encourages plant development and fertility, especially in the absence of low soil copper levels. It’s a natural, creative way to offer your plants a nutrient boost and supplement their health.

Discover the Difference at H Potter
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